The Drawsomething Craze.

March 28, 2012  |  Ramblings

And so in my boredom, I accidentally discovered drawsomething. It happened while I was searching for the most popular app download of the week and drawsomething popped up.

I decided to download it and immediately I was hooked. I found myself playing when I wake up, playing when I eat, playing when I watch tv, playing whenever I take a break. Zomg. Literally.

I was wondering to myself why was the game so addictive and concluded the following:

  • You get amazed by how some of your friends can REALLY draw.
  • You get entertained by how some of your friends CAN’T REALLY draw.
  • The fun really begins when you get your colour palettes.
  • The game really fills those little pockets of time that you have here and there. Each drawing and guess is really short and you can do it anytime you like.

Personally for me, it is really entertaining to draw and laugh (I know I’m evil but you gotta admit the WTF moments that you have when you try to guess those impossible drawings) at the drawings of mine and the rest. It is super awesome bonding when I take a jibe at my brother’s drawings while he criticizes mine till no end. Even mom gets to guess and dad gets to raise his eyebrows.

I have since bought 5 colour palettes and purchased the paid version of the app. I am a fangirl and a picasso in making. (right. Lol). Hey, I have improved a lot since I first started. My good friend, Vicki can testify to that. From shitty to pretty decent is a huge jump! Btw, she alongside with Charleswanmushi generously helped to beautiful the blog header above. Will do a proper credit to them in a separate entry.

Anyway, after the huge hype, I think some people might be interested to check out my drawings. I have put together some of my best drawsome moments below! Enjoy :)

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