G-Munster and my underskirt.

May 25, 2012  |  Shopping

I am a self proclaimed G-Market monster aka G-munster. I love this online shopping site so much that I now buy a lot of my clothes and phone accessories from it. Apparently Gmarket started in Korea in 2000 and IPO-ed in 2006 – Just some trivia from Wikipedia.

No wonder so many Korean based products. They have recently rebranded from Gmarket to Qoo10. Why the rebranding, I have no idea, but Gmarket and Qoo10 is a huge change and I can only imagine the amount of marketing dollars they have to put in to effect this.

In today’s blog entry, I am going to share some of my buys from the site and the skirt extender product that I discovered for myself.

The very first products that I purchased were actually some iPhone accessories. As we all know, the iPhone battery life is at best, abysmal. I hate to be caught in the situation where I need to use my phone and there’s hardly any juice to do anything. Hence, I went online to search for a portable battery and charger. Just the batteries on Groupon were really expensive, going at $30 and above. The car charger on its own cost at least $10 at Sim Lim Square. Total would cost me around $40 not including time and cost of travelling to get them.

But guess what …

I managed to get both items at only S$26.65 INCLUDING shipping at Gmarket!

Click here to check out the vendor I bought from

Of course I made sure I read through the reviews and found a pretty reliable one to buy from. So far it has been good. 2 months into using these items, they have never failed me. I am still so happy that I managed to get them at a steal, right from the comfort of my home.

So having gained more confidence in Gmarket, I decided to venture into clothes buying. It’s sometimes a little bit hard to buy clothes online because you can’t try them and you really need to trust the measurements that they provide. But I have been rather pleased at my latest purchase..

Have a look:

Click here to check out the vendor I got these from.

The quality is alright. Given the price that I paid, my expectations were pretty low. My regular blouses from Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Warehouse, Zara were already around $50 and now I get to buy 5 with the same price! So, you pay for what you get, don’t expect too much!

When the items came, I was pretty surprised that the quality wasn’t as bad as what I thought except for the crochet vest which was falling apart. With each item costing an average of less than $10, it gave me a cheap thrill to own them, literally. Made me a happy happy shopper.

Of course my most useful purchase is actually the skirt extender (for the lack of a better description). Check out the vendor here. (This is a Korean vendor and the items are shipped directly from South Korea.) Have you ever bought a skirt, dress or a top that is too short? How else can you wear them apart from the regular opaque leggings?

The answer is in the underskirt extender ;)

There are generally 2 options to select from – the slip type or the skirt type. The material is very thin and immediately extends the length of your dress or top.

 White short skirt slips can be used to transform light coloured long tops like this:

I really love this buy from Gmarket a lot. I have too many dresses that are way too short to be worn for work and just by wearing this skirt, it automatically makes the dresses presentable for work.

Just a note – these skirts are meant to be underskirts, so the material is thin (which is good, else it would be too hot) and only the bottom lace is meant to be sticking out of your dress/top.

Alright, hope you have enjoyed this blog entry and let’s go crazy shoppin’!

Dionis, signing off.

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Dionis is a computer engineer by training, business development manager by day and actress by dreams. She loves to chill out with a good book and a mojito. website: dionischiua.com

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