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May 12, 2012  |  Getting Fit

Having battled the bulge for nearly most of my life, I am very glad that I finally managed to find my own formula to losing weight. As evidenced from Charleswanmushi’s very kind entry of me, when I looked at that old picture that he posted up, I seriously ate one chicken wing too many back then. (Context – I live for chicken wings.) In today’s entry, I would like to share one of my favourite weightloss hacks that I believe was instrumental to helping me lose a fair bit of my weight.

This was me a couple of years ago. I have been on the heavy side for most of my life since I was 7. I ballooned till 75kgs at my peak and that was the point where I decided it was time to do something about it. One day, I jumped out of bed and started to run 2.4km around the track, every other day.

It was a huge deal as I grew up cursing the person who invented this stupid 2.4km fitness test.

Every time there was a 2.4km trial (practice session for the test), I always failed them and had to go for remedial sessions. Remedial classes for the most torturing subject in school! I would take 4 hours Chinese remedial over 30 minutes 2.4km remedial! Taking the actual 2.4km test was an emotional experience every year. I would bawl my eyes out at the end of the run because I would push myself too hard just to scrape a pass.

Through my run, I managed to lose some weight, but it was tough to keep up doing something that I didn’t like. Eventually I stopped running and stagnated again. It was only a couple of years later that I started to notice how my body worked and found a way that I could easily manage my weight without torturing myself.

eating less daily while eating more frequently

My simple strategy is to eat less calories per day but eat many more times. Weightloss = output > input. Tweak either the output or input to effect your weight loss.

And so I ate less, but I made sure that I do not go below 1200 calories (my dietician worked this out for me) as this would put my body in starvation mode and make me fatter in the future. I do allow myself to eat more than this of course, but when I know I need to lose weight, I will restrict calories to 1200.

Junk food that I eat

I was always snacking and eating something. Eating constantly made it easier to not overeat at meal times while driving up my metabolism. I ate so many times and anything I like, down to Ben & Jerry’s icecream and roasted pork. In fact, I had some friends think that I was having some sort of disorder just because I seem to be always eating but am getting skinnier at the same time.

The truth is – it is really just a simple manipulation of daily caloric intake.

I took to this like how fish take to water. It was so easy to just eat less compared to bringing myself to run and gym on a consistent basis. Don’t misunderstand, I still do exercise; I swim, love to take long walks and I climb a lot of stairs at work (like seriously a lot) but cardio for weightloss to me is so difficult compared to the technique of “eating less”.  I exercise to stay healthy but I love to use this weightloss hack to lose weight.

What is your own weightloss hack? Do share with me in the comments below! :)

Dionis, signing off.

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