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May 4, 2012  |  Friends, Life

Today I am writing an entire entry to thank 2 very close friends of mine. They have generously contributed their time and energy to helping me get my blog going, on top of listening to me bitch, moan and whine over gchat/whatsapp/facebook on a constant basis. That’s what good friends are for lol. They are none other than Charles Ng and Vicki Lew

Charles has been a wonderful friend to me. I knew him when I was only 18 years old at the NUSSU Union Camp. He was my orientation group councillor. Despite the fact that he belonged to the pageant group (when you are in pageant, you’re perceived to be the princes and princesses in the school), he was always sincere and down-to-earth.

He would talk, interact and goof around with my group (the geeky ones) without any airs at all. We were extremely surprised because we were under the impression that good looking people are kinda proud somewhere. We kept in touch on and off but never had the opportunity to be on close terms.

Fast forward a few years later, fate decreed that Charles needed to check out one of Cleo’s magazine columns to see if his products were in line with the feature objectives. And me, being an avid collector of magazines happened to have that particular issue and I left it at my shop for him to pick up. He said it was through this Cleo magazine that he got acquainted with the editors which opened the doors to him becoming one of Cleo’s top 50 bachelors and sincerely thanked me for it. He is way too kind with his words as I hardly did anything except to dig under a dusty stack of magazines. LOL. However, it was really through this that we started to reconnect and get to know each other beyond the “senior-junior” friendship.

Me being cheeky.

It helps that we live very close to each other and he always welcomes me to hang out at his place. Haha, sounds super scandalous, but we are just very good friends. He’s like the big brother that I never had, always looking out for me and checking in on me. He gives me relationship advice from a guy’s POV which is very important because girls and guys can think very differently. (You don’t say… LOL)

Charleswanmushi Moving Branch

Charles is also the wonderful photographer for the masthead image on my blog. He has modelled quite a bit so he knows how to capture the awesome angles of a person. That’s him above moving the branches around to compose the image. Very professional while I stand and snap random pictures around. I am very grateful for his help in composing and taking the pictures. He even edited them and removed the unflattering bits here and there. Will be posting up the rest of the pictures soon.

Thank you @Charleswanmushi for everything! :)

Vicki is my good friend and sister that I treasure greatly. We met while we were attending coaching courses together. Being the geek girls in our group, we found many topics to yak about. (She the web designer, me the comp engineer)

Somehow the combination of the booksmart (fine, bookworm :P ) me and the streetsmart her resulted in quite a bit of chemistry and we went on to become close friends and business partners.

We paired up to create the (in)famous AWARE Shut Up and Sit Down T-Shirts that went crazily viral in 2009. I just came back from a Guangzhou business trip and suddenly she gchat-ed me at 3am in the morning about the Tees and asked if I would like to partner up with her to produce them. Back then it was a real challenge, because I needed to produce hundreds of PINK coloured tees in less than 10 days. I don’t produce in-house tees in my factory and I would need to order them somewhere that could meet the colour and timeline requirements.

I was terrified but after thinking for 3 minutes, I said, why not? Aiya, don’t think so much. Do first then worry. So that period of time was intense. We had the media calling us, twitter account exploding with enquiries, suppliers after suppliers telling me pink tees in 10 days is impossible. Luckily she handled all the PR and orders side while I focused on the production. Hand in hand we gritted through and produced the shirts in time. I am still amazed till this day by this crazy thing we did together!

Our birthdays are also one week apart and we like to have a combined birthday party to celebrate our 25th every year. Everyone’s 25 when they attend our party! And this is how we look like the next day after our parties…

What happened last night?

Hahaha, ramblings aside, I really want to thank Vicki for helping me edit and beautify the header picture. She also gave me some advice on my overall blog design which I am also grateful for. She runs her own design boutique and at the same time has a little craft shop (really cute stuff) going on. Do check them out!

I count my blessings that I have met them both and connected in so many ways that really add so much more colour to my life.

To friendship and many more awesome years ahead!



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