The new Chan Hampe Galleries at Raffles Hotel

June 3, 2012  |  Friends, Life

I had the pleasure to attend the opening of the new Chan Hampe Galleries with Charles. Chan Hampe galleries was co-founded by Benjamin Milton Hampe, one of Charles’ good friends and is a very humble guy despite running a luxury high-end business. He is very friendly and I always feel at ease talking to him. He is cute too – Burmese, German mix if I’m not wrong. Anyway. :P

I will be honest with everyone here, I am no art buff and hardly can draw art. Not unless you consider my attempts at drawing a mango which looks like a papaya, abstract art. However, I can appreciate a good piece of design and enjoy listening to the stories behind them.

I was initially a little nervous to attend the opening as I honestly cannot do art-speak. Computer-speak yes, art-speak no. What if I embarrassed myself? What if I looked stupid? What if … But you know what, I figured that as long as I was candid about not knowing anything, and I went with a desire to learn something new, I should be fine.

And indeed I was.

And I also got to know a new friend, Juliana that day. She was in this beautiful dress with intricate prints but what struck me most was her bubbly personality and good energy. She’s really cool, has a good eye for design and is very adventurous with fashion. Do check out her blog where she shares about her wares and the things she loves! She is also a good friend of Ben’s and we entertained each other while the boys went about to do their networking.

 Clockwise from top-left:
Charles and I, Charles and Ben, Juliana and I, James and Chilli, James, Ben and I

We ended the night off with supper at the cafe around the corner. I didn’t have anything though, because I had already exceeded my calorie count for the day. Charles on the other hand had a carb filled Hokkien Mee but I must say, it was very wonderfully cooked and the extra calories were well worth it …

All in all, I learnt a lot and people were generously explaining to me about the different pieces of art on the wall. I guess, it really does help to look damn lost sometimes. ;)

Dionis, signing off!

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Dionis is a computer engineer by training, business development manager by day and actress by dreams. She loves to chill out with a good book and a mojito. website:


  1. Hey babe!

    It was nice knowing you too! Hope to see you again soon :)

  2. @Juliana hey thanks for dropping by!! :) Yes, hope to see you again soon.


  1. Loof and Potluck at Ben’s | Dionis on the web.

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