Happy Birthday to me!

September 30, 2012  |  Friends, Ramblings

This year celebrates my last year in my twenties. Yes, I am a whopping 29 years old this year. Though I would very much prefer to be remembered as 25 always. 25 years old is like the best age ever, not young enough to be extremely gullible and yet not old enough to be tired and too mature. 

Ever since I hit 25, I’ve been celebrating my 25th every year with my good friend Vicki. Our birthdays are about a week apart and we usually have a combined party where we invite a couple of friends to just get together and have fun. We love BBQs and this year we had a little celebration at the park with sea breeze, good food and all.

I was initially kinda worried that it was going to pour again because the skies have been extremely grey. I prayed really hard that our BBQ would go smooth and it did! Can’t thank the skies enough!

My lovely friends actually organized a little surprise party for me at Charles‘ place! They went out of the way, prepared a potluck of all sort of foods that I like – KFC, Sausages, Cakes, Pasta. They also got Charles to take me out for an afternoon tea while the rest of them prepared for the party and waited for me to come by.

I was very touched that despite all my shortcomings, I still have many people who love me and I can’t count my blessings enough. Thank you all for your love, I must have done something right somewhere! :)

My 20s has been an amazing journey of growth and transformation. It was the period where I really changed from a little girl to a woman that I am now. Not without my fair share of silly mistakes, heartbreaks, wrong decisions of course. But these are the very same things that build my character and resilience in life.

I have also put down a new resolution this year – which is to achieve my dream bod before I hit the big 30. Workout, diets, change of lifestyle is in the works. Will update everyone on the progress as I go along. Am feeling pretty stoked about it all!

Think I’ve rambled enough, to end this entry, I’ve only one last thing to say:

Life is difficult, no doubt about it. But I am glad I have myself and the best people around me to make it better :)

Till the next entry :)



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Dionis is a computer engineer by training, business development manager by day and actress by dreams. She loves to chill out with a good book and a mojito. website: dionischiua.com

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  1. its our joy to make your day. a day for someone special like you! :)

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