The top-skirt and the shirt dress.

September 14, 2012  |  Ramblings, Shopping

I love modifying my clothes and creating new looks for them. It is eco-friendly as it gives you a reason to wear the same apparel over again without worrying that you’ll be identified in the same old stuff all the time.

So, I recently came across a couple of these clothes mods and they are so simple to execute and yet yield such beautiful results that I am very excited about sharing it with everyone. Why buy another skirt again when you can create it from your old top? Have an oversized shirt lying around somewhere, how about making it into an instant tunic? I tried them out myself and totally loved these tips.

The top-skirt

Have an old stretchy, cottony/stretchy, 3/4 sleeve top lying somewhere? Take it out from the closet now and transform it into a skirt.

Step 1: Wear the top at your waist.

Step 2: Pull the 2 sleeves forward and tie them into a knot.

Step 3: There’s no step 3! It’s done :)

This skirt hack was so simple that I couldn’t believe it. I FINALLY found a use for this purple top after so long. Because I have lost some weight, the top no longer sits nicely on my body and it is such a waste to throw it out because the colour is so pretty. With this hack, I can now wear it again!

Tip: I find that stretchy materials work well for this. Pair the skirt with a form fitting top, tucked into the skirt.

The Shirt Dress

Stayed over at your boyfriend’s place and want to borrow his clothes without looking frumpy? Modify his shirt into a dress today!

Shirt was a little short, it became a strapless top instead.


Step 1: Button the shirt on the second or third button and let it sit on your chest.

Step 2: Pull the sleeves forward to form a little knot.

Step 3: Adjust and voila!

As the shirt which I used for the picture above was a little short, it ended up being a top instead, which is also pretty nice when you pair it up with a skirt.

Tip: Use a longer shirt to make it into a dress and use one with long sleeves so that they can perform the function of a belt.

Here is the video tutorial to see the transformation in action:

There are so many variations to this shirt transformation technique and you can look for the youtube video tutorials. The keywords I used were, “Make shirt to dress”.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this blog entry!

Dionis, signing off :)

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