Why I love Saturdays..

October 6, 2012  |  Life, Ramblings

I was just going about and catching up on my work when I suddenly had an epiphany on why I simply love Saturdays. Yes, I am still doing my work, but it is really therapeutic when I am doing it alone while everyone else is busying shopping, going out, catching up with friends.

Let me share with why:

  1. It is QUIET. There aren’t any phone calls you have to pick up. On normal work days, my train of thoughts always get interrupted by random phone calls from clients, suppliers and even telemarketers.
  2. I can work from home. Which means, I can wear my PJs, miniskirts, grandma panties whatever that is inappropriate for normal work days. I am wearing my favourite batik dress while writing this blog entry.
  3. No guilt when I get on my social media accounts while at work. Afterall, this is a non-work day. I should feel guilty inserting work into my rest day. But nah, really like this arrangement.
  4. Tomorrow’s Sunday. Which means that I can stay up late and sleep in!

I love Saturdays because this is the day where I can actually do me-stuff. Like hitting the gym, cooking my favorite foods, trying out new recipes, cleaning my make up brushes, throwing out my wardrobe, packing my shoe cabinet, online shopping, supermarket shopping. Mundane yet kinda therapeutic in its own way.

I suppose life is stressful enough and Saturday is possibly the only day that I get to de-stress. Alrights, enough of rambling, I should really get back to work. I pray for good weather today and enough time for me to hit the gym and supermarket to make a good whole food dinner for my diet. :)

Yours truly

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Dionis is a computer engineer by training, business development manager by day and actress by dreams. She loves to chill out with a good book and a mojito. website: dionischiua.com

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