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January 18, 2013  |  Life

I just went to Hong Kong and back and I must say that this was a fantastic trip for me. I had a lot of fun in the process and was totally recharged from it. I went with my bestie, Jannis and we decided to do the touristy stuff and see Hong Kong for what it is instead of just shopping and eating as usual. I am so proud of myself that I spent less than S$100 on shopping. A total feat for myself, I must say.

We managed to get a great deal for our air tickets and paid only S$400 for a pair of return tickets to Hong Kong. I also went on to book our accommodations on Airbnb for 4D3N which set us back by only $240. We visited the Big Buddha, Avenue of the Stars, The Peak, Madame Tussaud’s, Ocean Park and my friend’s Raw Food Kitchen – Anything But Salads.

Nope, not much shopping at all. I bought a couple of wishing stones for myself and my friends. I realized that I have been living in a life of excess and this would be good training for me to take it down a notch.

Hong Kong has been great. I got a 3G prepaid card from PCCW Mobile and was impressed by its service. I actually thought that my iPhone 4S wasn’t functioning properly as I had terrible connection back in Singapore. But I was surprised that when I popped the prepaid card in, the connection was f-l-a-w-l-e-s-s. I could get blazing fast connection and reception in the MTR tunnels and the mountainous areas. This really made me reflect on the service I was getting in Singapore.

I know.

Anyway, enough of that. Here are the picture collages from the trip. :)

We took Tiger Airways and floated above the clouds. The clouds looked just like cotton candy and it made us into 2 very happy girls. I looked like I was sponsored by LeSportSac, carrying their hobo, weekender and a deluge of pouches.

We met Noel, my good friend from college days for dinner. He brought us to Causeway Bay where we had “Car Boy Noodles”. 车载面。It is something like the Yong Tau Fu that we have here, we basically pick the ingredients, soup base and noodles that we want from a list and the chef will prepare it for us. Set us back about HKD$60 per bowl. After dinner, we went on to stuff our faces with Hui Lau San, a mango based dessert shop. *burp*

The next day, we made our pilgrimage to Ngong Ping, Lantau Island to see the Big Buddha. I’ve always watched HK drama serials about it, but never had the chance to visit until now. (Yes, I always only ended up shopping in HK)

We took the MTR and bought cable car tickets up the mountain. There was some kind of spring water beancurd dessert that everyone was having. We absolutely had to try it. Beancurd was extremely smooth and nice. We also took the chance to walk around the village and went to explore the wisdom path that had inscribed words on the pillars.

We spent around 5 hours walking around and felt very recharged just being in the area. It was a great visit to the temple! Later on at night, we made our way back to Mong Kok to visit Noel and Callie’s Kitchen – Anything But Salads. They started this really awesome raw movement where they provide delicious nutrient rich raw food.

The food was fantastic! I have never tasted anything like this before and the best part of it all – they were all raw stuff. The sushi didn’t have a single grain of rice and was replaced by parsnip. We had “bacon” that was made from egg plant strips, there were even nacho dips and vegetable chips. Oh and the pizza was lovely, although it was made from vegetables, but it didn’t taste “green”. I could taste the freshness of the ingredients. Basically the maximum temperature that the food can be cooked is at 45 degrees Celsius and all the nutrients are retained in the food. Hence we really didn’t need to eat much to be filled up.

To end it all, we had raw desserts that tasted as good as normal desserts, without all the sinful stuff. I was very impressed by how everything came wonderfully together and was very grateful to have tried out their kitchen. If you guys are in Hong Kong, do check them out :)

The next morning, we woke up early and made our way to Tim Ho Wan @ Sham Shui Po. Tim Ho Wan is a Michelin rated restaurant and everyone who goes to HK must try! The SSP branch opens at 8am, and we wanted to be the early birds to avoid the queue. In the end we reached at 9.45am on a Monday morning but was still pleasantly surprised that we didn’t need to queue. I guess most people were working on a weekday.. so lucky us. The total bill only came up to 100 HKD and we ate around 6 items, including the famed baked BBQ pork bun which was absolutely amazing. *burp*

After breakfast, we made our way to the peak and visited Madame Tussaud’s …

The sights were beautiful and we felt very carefree just overlooking the entire Hong Kong skyline. After a quick tea and hot chocolate, we made our way to Ocean Park to playyyy….

At the end of the day, we went to Tsim Sha Tsui to look at the Hong Kong skyline again and the avenue of stars. It was an action packed day and the both of us were exhausted to bits …

The last day was really spent free and easy where we went to eat the famed steamed custard milk and basically just did light shopping before coming back to Singapore. Oh, and we chanced upon Angela Baby’s cafe and thought that it was quite an interesting concept. We had a tea set for 2 that cost us only HKD$120? Which was like around S$20 for 2 people. It was really affordable but it also made me think if our cost of living in Singapore has shot up so high that I find Hong Kong affordable these days? :s

All in all, it was a great trip. I felt that I really accomplished a lot of stuff and seen quite a bit of Hong Kong this time round. I came back refreshed and ready to fight my battles back home again. Am grateful that I managed to get such a great deal for this short little holiday with my bestie.

Can’t wait for my next one!

Till the next entry,

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