New year, new hair.

February 2, 2013  |  Ramblings

I’ve always had long hair almost all my school life except for that one year when I was in Primary 3 and during high school time because of our strict school rules that only allowed hair to be 3-5cm below the ear. The moment I graduated from high school, I started growing my locks and have kept them beyond shoulder length for the longest time that I can ever remember.

This year, I decided to take the plunge and snipped off all my locks just before my Hong Kong trip. Hence in the Hong Kong entry, I was spotted with hair slightly above the shoulders. People have been asking me why I decided to cut off my hair. Did I undergo some kind of trauma? Nah, I’ve always wanted to do the short hair look but I never had the courage to. The ex also preferred long hair, so I never had the motivation for short hair..

Now that I am single again, I find myself with a lot of freedom to do the things that I want to. And so on a random friday afternoon, I took me to the hairdresser and told her to cut it all off.

Here is a picture of the transformation:

The entire tail-end of my hair was bunched up and snipped off in one motion. My hair was later collected by my hairstylist to be donated to the cancer society to make wigs. At least I know that I’ve done something good with my hair and it felt pretty meaningful to me.

I probably saw the cutting off of my hair as a symbolism of a new start to the new year. And since I’ve lost a bunch of weight or rather toned up quite a bit, I can finally wear short hair without hearing my hairdresser go, “Aiyoh, your face is too fat la, it is better that you have long hair.” I know, I know. I’ve had mixed reviews of the first cut though, people were receptive to the cut except for a few who generally loves long hair on women.

I was happy with my hair for approximately 3 weeks, nice airy bob and then I decided to cut my hair again just yesterday. This time opting for a bright color and sporting a Victoria Beckham inspired sloping bob….

I really like the new hair as it is so light and refreshing on my head. It is pretty amazing how I now have volume and my hair actually seems more. Although part of me is wondering if it is cause of the increased protein I’ve been eating for my diet. I can’t wait till my next hair cut … maybe a dolly hair style with a fringe across… Hair cuts can get pretty addictive eh ;)

Just a question to end off this blog entry: If you were going for a new radical haircut, which hairstyle would you want to try?

Yours truly,

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  1. Nice cut, but you DO look amazing with long hair. Be well!

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