Happy Birthday to me!

September 30, 2012  |  Friends, Ramblings  |  1 Comment

This year celebrates my last year in my twenties. Yes, I am a whopping 29 years old this year. Though I would very much prefer to be remembered as 25 always. 25 years old is like the best age ever, not young enough to be extremely gullible and yet not old enough to be tired and too mature. 

Ever since I hit 25, I’ve been celebrating my 25th every year with my good friend Vicki. Our birthdays are about a week apart and we usually have a combined party where we invite a couple of friends to just get together and have fun. We love BBQs and this year we had a little celebration at the park with sea breeze, good food and all.

I was initially kinda worried that it was going to pour again because the skies have been extremely grey. I prayed really hard that our BBQ would go smooth and it did! Can’t thank the skies enough!

My lovely friends actually organized a little surprise party for me at Charles‘ place! They went out of the way, prepared a potluck of all sort of foods that I like – KFC, Sausages, Cakes, Pasta. They also got Charles to take me out for an afternoon tea while the rest of them prepared for the party and waited for me to come by.

I was very touched that despite all my shortcomings, I still have many people who love me and I can’t count my blessings enough. Thank you all for your love, I must have done something right somewhere! :)

My 20s has been an amazing journey of growth and transformation. It was the period where I really changed from a little girl to a woman that I am now. Not without my fair share of silly mistakes, heartbreaks, wrong decisions of course. But these are the very same things that build my character and resilience in life.

I have also put down a new resolution this year – which is to achieve my dream bod before I hit the big 30. Workout, diets, change of lifestyle is in the works. Will update everyone on the progress as I go along. Am feeling pretty stoked about it all!

Think I’ve rambled enough, to end this entry, I’ve only one last thing to say:

Life is difficult, no doubt about it. But I am glad I have myself and the best people around me to make it better :)

Till the next entry :)



The top-skirt and the shirt dress.

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I love modifying my clothes and creating new looks for them. It is eco-friendly as it gives you a reason to wear the same apparel over again without worrying that you’ll be identified in the same old stuff all the time.

So, I recently came across a couple of these clothes mods and they are so simple to execute and yet yield such beautiful results that I am very excited about sharing it with everyone. Why buy another skirt again when you can create it from your old top? Have an oversized shirt lying around somewhere, how about making it into an instant tunic? I tried them out myself and totally loved these tips.

The top-skirt

Have an old stretchy, cottony/stretchy, 3/4 sleeve top lying somewhere? Take it out from the closet now and transform it into a skirt.

Step 1: Wear the top at your waist.

Step 2: Pull the 2 sleeves forward and tie them into a knot.

Step 3: There’s no step 3! It’s done :)

This skirt hack was so simple that I couldn’t believe it. I FINALLY found a use for this purple top after so long. Because I have lost some weight, the top no longer sits nicely on my body and it is such a waste to throw it out because the colour is so pretty. With this hack, I can now wear it again!

Tip: I find that stretchy materials work well for this. Pair the skirt with a form fitting top, tucked into the skirt.

The Shirt Dress

Stayed over at your boyfriend’s place and want to borrow his clothes without looking frumpy? Modify his shirt into a dress today!

Shirt was a little short, it became a strapless top instead.


Step 1: Button the shirt on the second or third button and let it sit on your chest.

Step 2: Pull the sleeves forward to form a little knot.

Step 3: Adjust and voila!

As the shirt which I used for the picture above was a little short, it ended up being a top instead, which is also pretty nice when you pair it up with a skirt.

Tip: Use a longer shirt to make it into a dress and use one with long sleeves so that they can perform the function of a belt.

Here is the video tutorial to see the transformation in action:

There are so many variations to this shirt transformation technique and you can look for the youtube video tutorials. The keywords I used were, “Make shirt to dress”.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this blog entry!

Dionis, signing off :)

OMG 3 months!

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Eeks, 3 months since my last update. I know, I am sorry to have neglected this blog. I was really really very busy.

It is incredulous how 3 months passed by literally in the blink of an eye. I told myself that I will blog but I never got down to it. Everyday has been hectic and by the end of the evening, I am dead beat to do anything else.

Life has been ok, with a couple of hiccups here and there at work, but it was mostly uneventful, which is a good thing. On the fun side, I got to go to Bangkok with the HVPP group and it was awesome! We laughed, we shopped, we ate … I grew fat. Yes, I was the only one that put on 2kgs and I came back a little bit depressed.  Haha, but it was a good trip nonetheless.

Fast forward a month later, Yuting and Hubert had to go back to the US to study and we sent them off at the airport. Miss the both of them!

One thing that I was pretty proud of myself – I finally got down to perming my hair. It really feels good to be able to do something for me. In fact, it is kinda therapeutic when I doll myself up. Most of the time I would be dressed down like a technician because of the nature of my job.

I hardly put on any makeup, I hardly wear a skirt, I hardly feel like a girl on most days. You’ll see me working on the computer, solving network issues, barking orders at the production staff, doing codes, hacking away at technical problems that arise at work. My work wear – jeans, flats, hair in a bun.

But despite all these, I think I am still a very girly girl who loves her tech as much as her dresses. So please bear with me & let me indulge a little bit in my instagram-enhanced picture of my curls. ;)

Till the next entry, which will be soon, I promise!

Dionis, signing off.

Unlock Your Charisma Showcase

June 16, 2012  |  Friends, Life  |  1 Comment

One of my very good friends and buddy, Eric Feng, invited me to attend his public speaking showcase just a couple of weeks back. Eric is an amazing public speaking coach in Singapore and has earned many accolades and awards; toastmasters, businessweek young entrepreneur award, NUS outstanding young alumni awards and the works… So many that I have lost count. He has published a few books in his name, a renowned public speaker and makes appearances on TV and radio for his craft.

Despite him being highly successful at this age, (he is only one year older than me and I am young! :P) he is still a very humble and a down to earth person, never letting fame get to his head. We try our best to meet up regularly and update each other about what’s going on in our lives. He is also my print client by the way ;)

And so when he invited me to his showcase, I felt so privileged. I literally watched him grow this project from a mere idea in his head, first into a book – Unlock Your Charisma, then to a series of corporate trainings and now into a full scale conference happening at the end of the year.

The showcase was great, showing us a preview of what we are going to get at the main conference. Just an hour and the audience walked away with great tips on how we can be more charismatic with simple tweaks of our body language, energy and of course, our smiles. Eric’s energy was just fantastic, he has this natural ability to make you feel like he’s a close friend and be really comfortable around him. You got to meet him to experience it! It was the first time that Sanjay met Eric and he agreed on this with me.

From left: Eileen, Eric, myself, Zeoane, Simon

Really happy to be at the showcase and can’t wait for the conference itself.

Here’s wishing my dearest friend all the best for his upcoming event, meet up soon buddy!

Loof and Potluck at Ben’s

June 4, 2012  |  Friends, Life  |  2 Comments

Loof, loof? Roof?

We went out last Thursday night to the Loof for one of their Underground Party events – this particular one was spinning songs from the 80s/90s. Charles really loves his Mambo nights and music from that era that he gathered a group of us to go together. The entourage was made up of myself, Sanjay, Yu Ting, Samantha, Rling, Geeling, Skybear, Hubert, Hanyong and Edwin.

We had a lot of fun laughing, fooling around and taking pictures. The music wasn’t exactly familiar to me. I thought given that I was an 80s baby, I would have recognised at least 1 song. Unforch, that was not the case! Lol. Other than the absolutely snail-movin’ service at Loof (which a couple of people at the table exclaimed that Loof was well known for that), we had an enjoyable night entertaining ourselves.

Check out some of our pictures. We hung out till 1.30am on a Thursday night and boy was I zombie-fied the next day. Gone are the days where I could push 4am nights and still be up and running at 8am. :x

Potluck at Ben’s

Come Saturday night was potluck at Ben’s place. Ben is my friend who co-founded the Chan Hampe Galleries which I blogged about in my previous post. He was having a potluck and invited myself, Yu Ting and Charles along to join the party. Yu Ting made her legendary Lontong, Charles made his awesome homemade fish Otah and I …

When they asked me what did I “make”, my answer was, “I BROUGHT Tandoori Chicken!”. Haha, a good way to circumvent a difficult situation ;)

Clockwise from top left: Me, Ben + I, YT + Ben + Charles, Dirk + Douglas + Wan + Eaton + Charles, Food!

Food was wonderful, company was even better. Beautiful Saturday night well spent. I often prefer cosy gatherings much more to large parties where I hardly get to converse with anybody at all. You know how you seem to be saying a lot to somebody, but you’re really not saying anything at all? Happens too often at huge parties but Saturday night was just comfortable and nice. :)

Can’t wait for the next Potluck party at Charles’! What should I make ….

Dionis, signing off.