Room 2.0

February 8, 2011  |  Life, Ramblings  |  No Comments

Yes, my bedroom is complete!

Here’s a batch of pictures for your enjoyment. 

Picture of room before the revamp:

In the process:

Unveiling the new room



Little details to cosy up the space:





Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures. It was 7 weeks of hardwork overhauling the entire room. I’ve been hoarding and piling up stuff since 2006 and the mountain of stuff in the ugly bookcases in my room is astounding. I literally huffed and puffed to set up the new furniture, cut out the little vinyl stickers, sorted and threw away the little items. (Unfortunately I still have one box in the guest room still waiting for me to sort/throw out but yeah, at least the major stuff is complete)

Some lessons that I learnt:

  1. Stop buying unnecessary items. If you don’t think you will ever use it, don’t waste your money!
  2. Always put things back from where you took them out from. Isn’t this exactly what your mom always told you? Until you are at the receiving end of having to clear up your own mess, this advice probably falls flat :P
  3. Stop hoarding! If you haven’t used the item or looked at those secondary school physics textbooks for 10 years, what makes you so sure that you’ll look at it in 20years? Donate, recycle or throw them out.
  4. Sort items out according to colour / types. Hair stuff at one area, important stuff at another. This will help you find your stuff easily and raise the probability that you’ll use them.

I’m really happy that I FINALLY got down to packing this monster and I can say that I’m really proud of myself. All the hard work have paid off :) I would like to take this opportunity to thank my brother and Alex for helping me fix up the furniture and drill the walls + what nots and of course my Mom for helping out to sort the bookcase and Dad for providing the resources.

Feel free to share links of your own bedroom makeover in the comment section below! ;)